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How we can help:

  • Business plan development;

  • Growing a start-up from pre-seed to scaling; 

  • Project management;

  • Cooperation schemes with partners

  • Implementation of new business technology (CRM, ERP, etc.)

  • Formation of business processes

  • Preparation of business for sale or purchase

  • Mastering a new product or market

Past cases:

  • Organization of reconstruction of bank premises into a restaurant

  • Creating an apartment business

  • Business modeling for a website development agency

  • Start up of architectural studio

  • Business support and reorganization of the recycling operator

  • Analysis of the real estate market and feasibility of acquiring an object

  • Assessment of business acquisition

  • Feasibility study for the construction of a cascade of small hydropower plants

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Core Competencies:

  • Business Management

  • Financial Management

  • Investment Analysis

  • Conducting IDF0 analysis of business processes

  • Implementation of CRM systems into the enterprise management system

  • Analysis of accounting records and reports (management audit)

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Our company conducts research and develops mobile applications that help children with various speech communication problems and developmental delays.

Our team's current focus is on exploring the potential of digital mobile technology to analyze play behavior in young children.


We believe that modern mobile devices can support the development of a child's abilities and analyze elements of play behavior. Such analysis and monitoring can help in the early diagnosis of speech disorders and delays. Early diagnosis in many cases significantly improves the treatment and adaptation of the child. Our task is to spot the warning signs of a problem and provide specialists with objective observation of certain behavioral elements. The diagnosis itself should be made by a team of specialists on the basis of complex medical examinations.

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Helping Children

G-Group Oy, with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is conducting research to develop a specialised children's mobile game. The game is aimed at aiding children's skills and alerting parents to signs of delays.


Multinational research estimates that the rate of speech disorders in children (2-5 yo) ranges from 5 – 12%. Additionally, delayed speech development presents in 19% of children.


The app is for children before they can speak (12-20 months). It will serve two functions:

i) a game aimed at developing motor and cognitive skills;

ii) an alert tool for communication difficulties. If the game detects alarming signs, it would prompt parents to consult a professional.


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